Welcome to the website for the Web TV Show, Mom's Cooking Crisis. This competitive cooking show highlights Moms in the kitchen and offers them a different "cooking crisis" each week. The Mom who wins the show wins bragging rights and awesome prizes.

We are currently Post Production for Season 2, which airs in the fall of 2012. Season 1 is currently airing on YouTube.


You must be a mother to apply.* Must be willing to drive (at own expense) to Logan, UT for interview, filming, etc. We are currently interviewing couples (mother/daughter, sisters, best friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.). You will be competing against one another for prizes. You will be broadcast on the internet. Go to our audition page to fill out a form.

Applications are ongoing, auditions for Season 3 are currently OPEN.

*One show each season is a special episode and can be Dads, college friends, favorite aunts, whatever! So, apply today if you're interested!